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              Newly go into racing partnership with RD Williams

              Everdigm Australian Rock breakers dealer, Mr. Ham, sales manager of "RD Williams" was newly into racing partnership with Everdigm.

              In the ANDRA Top Alcohol Championship, TSP Racing’s Steve Ham has boldly claimed the runner up spot with a finals appearance at the series final in Sydney Dragway. A first racing Partnership with Everdigm powered up his drive.

              He took the honor of silver medal at last.


              " We’ve just so excited about how much power this car is producing and with our new racing partners in Everdigm and

              Queensland Rock Breakers joining ECL and RD Williams, we’ve got the drive to really have a serious tilt at this

              championship next year,” he said.


              Mr. Ham has been enjoying a racing for 14 years by himself. He gets great score in every Championship.  

              RD Williams has a partnership with Everdigm in Rock breakers business since 2005. Everdigm breakers comes to

              No.1 in Queensland market

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